Sessions and Tours

I am typically based in Northern Ireland. I will be holding sessions in 2024 in Belfast on pre-arranged days.

I travel on occasion to North West England and by request to other locations. I prefer to tour with my favourite Goddess, Dorrienne West, available on AW.

To book, send a text or Whatsapp to briefly discuss your availability and interests.

Deposits are not required, except for longer pre-discussions and after failing to attend an appointment without prior communication.

60 minutes in the dungeon £200

What I don’t offer: Sessions do not involve any penetration of my body: vaginally, orally, or anally. There is no sex, and there are no blowjobs. Any and all touching, kissing, or licking of my body is directed. I do not enjoy playing a doe-eyed girlfriend, don’t test me.

Finally, a word about limits: I have hard limits against hardsports, leaving permanent damage, age play, and medical play.